My name is Jake Gosselin. I'm the founder of Churchfront and I lead worship part-time at a church plant in Lakewood, Colorado.

If you are a worship leader like me, you have probably struggled with finding ways to enhance the sound of your worship band. 

You wish your band sounded more full. You wish there were a way to create seamless transitions between songs, so there is no awkward silence. You wish you had the freedom to speak or pray during worship without needing to play an instrument at the same time.

An empty sounding band, awkward transitions, and fumbling through guitar chords while we pray can be distracting and detrimental towards worship. We want our congregation to focus on the lyrics of the songs we sing, not the emptiness or awkwardness of our band.

A few months ago my friend, Boomer Bate, made a bundle of free pads for the Churchfront Community. While I was familiar with what pads were, I never utilized them myself until I implemented his pads in my worship ministry. They have been an absolute game-changer.

While I run full backing tracks with my band, pads have helped me create smoother transitions between songs and freed me up to speak or pray during pastoral moments in my worship setlist.

Hundreds of worship leaders across the globe downloaded and implemented Boomer’s free pads in their worship ministry and the results have been astounding. Here’s what some of them had to say.

Angel from Alabama said, “The pads are working out awesome. They come in real handy to fill in with our keys. We also use them during opening prayer which helps set the atmosphere.”

Curtis from Kansas said, “I am loving the pads! I was blown away by the ones you shared through your podcast. In my opinion they are better than all the ones I purchased elsewhere.”

Carly from Colorado said, “These are the first pads I’ve downloaded and wow, what a difference they make.”

Melvin from the Philippines said, “It’s like we have a new worship team member!”

Vadim from Ukraine said, “I like the free pads...this is a revolutionary step forward.”

Worship leaders all over the world have experienced how Churchfront Pads make your band sound fuller. It doesn’t matter if you are solo worship leader or you have a ten-piece band.

They’ve also discovered how pads can help support pastoral moments during worship. You can have them play underneath the end of your pastor’s sermon, or under the prayers you share as a worship leader.

Finally, worship leaders have discovered how simple it is to play pads from their phone, tablet, or computer. No fancy gear required. No in-ear monitors required. No click track required.

Download our free pads or purchase our premium pad bundles today!