Here are the nitty gritty details about what you get if you buy today.

  • 10 Bundles of Churchfront Pads - Each pad bundle has a unique sound produced by Boomer Bate. These sounds were designed specifically for worship music and can be used with every worship song, regardless of arrangement and chord progression.

  • All 12 keys - Each bundle comes with the pads transposed to the 12 different keys of music, ensuring that you can use them with any arrangement.

  • High Quality MP3 format - The files are high quality without too much space on your hard drive. Individual files are approximately 30MB and the complete bundle is 3.5 GB.

  • 20 minute long audio files - We don’t want you to worry about running out of pads in a worship set. Each track is long enough to accompany 3-4 songs back-to-back in the same key.

  • Instant access - Upon purchase you will receive instant access to the 10 pad bundles.

Limited-Time Bonus Training

  • Automatic enrollment in Jake’s online training, “Lead Worship with Pads.”

  • Step-by-step online course to help you get up and running with pads. You'll learn the following...

  • The gear you need to run pads in worship

  • How to play pads on your phone or iPad using free apps

  • How to play pads on ProPresenter

  • How to play pads in Ableton Live

  • Lifetime Access

You have a decision to make. You can continue to lead worship without ambient pads and struggle with an empty sounding band and awkward transitions. Or you can purchase Churchfront Pads today, receive the free training to implement them in your ministry, and you’ll be up and running with them in no time.

Pads are so easy to use you can implement them this weekend at your church. Click the "buy now" button, complete the form, and you’ll receive instant access to the Churchfront Pads and bonus training.